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Things to Know About Garage Door Springs

You depend on your garage door to protect your car and family by preventing unwanted people from getting in, and you also expect it to open and close when you want it to. Generally, your door does all these things without you ever really having to think about. However, if you are not paying the proper attention to maintenance, especially the springs, you could be in for quite a shock if one of them breaks or suddenly lets go.Garage Door Repair Lake Forest CA

Types of Garage Door Springs

Your garage door has two types of springs; the Torsion springs that are located and attached right above the door (visible when the door is closed), and the Extension springsthat are on both sides of the door above the top tracks. Both of these springs are important for the proper operation of your garage door, and do require you to make sure to at least check them periodically to make sure there is no physical damage such as cracks, chips, or any bent areas. These springs can break over time, so proper replacement providing by Garage Door Repair Lake Forest CA is a must.

Signs of Spring Problems

When there are problems with your garage door, it is very easy to determine whether the problem is with the springs, or some other issue. If your door does not open and close smoothly, or there is a lot of jerkiness when closing, the springs could be to blame. Also, if you have repeatedly lubricated the door, but it still continues to squeak, it is more than likely the springs. If you notice these problems, a quick look at your springs might reveal the problem pretty quickly.If you diagnosed that you have a broken spring, call Garage Door Repair Lake Forest CA for spring replacement service.

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Garage Door Spring Safety

Garage door springs are under a tremendous amount of tension, so if one of them fails it has the potential to result in serious injury to anyone around it, as well as significant damage to your car if the door falls. This is why a professional should handle any repairs on garage door springs. Garage Door Repair Lake Forest CA technicians have the proper training and tools needed to handle working with the extreme amounts of tension that the springs are under. If a DIYer tries to work on their own springs, without knowing exactly what they are doing, the result can be serious injury and pain, as well as even more money required for repairs for any added damage to the door.

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